Trauma & Bio Hazard Services

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Trauma & Bio Hazard Services

Any situation that requires cleanup of biological wastes such as bodily fluids, blood or tissue is categorized as a trauma scene cleanup. This can include a crime scene, a suicide, homicide or accidental death scene, a drug growing operation or meth manufacturing lab, a hoarding situation, animal infestation and more.

We will arrive on site to inspect, document and assess the affected areas.

We’ll prepare a customer service package which includes an estimate, the scope of the work to be completed, list of the equipment needed, and a list of items that need to be disposed of or removed.

Upon customer approval of the estimate and scope, we’ll begin by removing affected materials; every item removed or disposed of is documented and photographed. (All unsalvageable items disposed of must be signed off on by the customer prior to disposal.)

Once all items in the affected area are removed, we’ll begin cleaning and sanitizing the affected areas.

When the affected area has been cleaned and dried, we’ll pack up, clean up, and provide you with a final report package, including a list of all items disposed.

Our professional technicians are well trained and experienced in dealing with sensitive and emotionally charged situations. We will always provide respectful, empathetic service no matter what kind of scene we are dealing with. Contact our office for more information about trauma scene cleanup and restoration services or to schedule services from a qualified cleanup crew.

Disclaimer: All unsalvageable items disposed of must be signed off by customer before disposal.

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