A People Company Doing Restoration

We provide fast, friendly, and fair restoration services to our clients in order to return you to pre-disaster state as safely, quickly and comfortably as possible.

Welcome to Phoenix! We are a people company, doing restoration in Southern Alberta. We’ve been in the restoration industry for well over 20 years – we’ve seen (and restored) it all. We’ve dealt with everything from small to large loss emergencies, both residential and commercial. We’ve been a part of the last five disasters in Alberta over the last 14 years from the U.S border to Lethbridge/Calgary/Edmonton &  the Fort McMurray Fires of 2016.

We have been there day and night helping those that are in need, as that is the business we’re in, and to specify – were in the people business first and property damage business second. It’s the people that occupy these spaces, whether it is homes or businesses that are impacted. We work/eat/live in these spaces and when they are disrupted it affects us all on different levels. We realize how this impacts your life and we strive to minimize the impact these stressful situations may have on your families day to day routines.

Let us help you get you back to your regular routine of life, we’re here to help.

– The Phoenix Family

Company Values


Even in an emergency situation, our clients have options. We believe in giving our clients all the information they need to make an educated, worry-free decision.


We believe in being forthright and genuine with our customers and partners. This builds better relationships and makes for satisfied customers.


We believe in safety first with no compromises. Whether it is our client’s or our employee’s safety, it is our most important priority.


In an emergency situation our customers want someone who understands and acknowledges their loss. Someone who treats both them and their property with respect.


We are flexible, approachable and will treat you, and your property with care and respect – even in the most difficult times.